Compliance Services

Implement Policies and Avoid Compliance Problems

Our Compliance Services

Pathfinders IT offers support for clients in HIPAA, FINRA, and SEC-regulated industries. We also help clients dealing with vendor or client requirements related to their cybersecurity posture or business processes.

  1. Our team of IT experts works with your organization to develop and implement effective and efficient solutions to avoid risks and maintain compliance.

Policy Development and Objective Oversight

  • Assistance with the Development of NIST-Based Policies:
    • Inventory & Risk Analysis
    • Cybersecurity Awareness
    • Incident Detection & Response
    • BCP & DR Services
    • Transmission & Storage of ePHI \ PII
  • Cybersecurity Insurance Questionnaires
  • Roadmap Development for Meeting Client Requirements
  • Consultation on Emerging Compliance Standards

Cybersecurity Program Development and Awareness Training

  • Development of a Cybersecurity Program applying the five core domains established by NIST:
    • Identify
    • Protect
    • Detect
    • Respond
    • Recover
  • In-Person or Online Cybersecurity Awareness Training Seminars to instruct staff on basic measures such as:
    • Creating Strong Passwords
    • Securing Company Property (desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones)
    • Identifying Phishing Emails and Malicious Activity
    • Responding To Compromised Accounts

Benefits of Compliance Services

With our compliance service solutions, your business benefits from:

Customized Training – Support your organization’s specific cybersecurity needs by tailoring all training seminars to include your internal security policies.

Review of Internal IT Departments and Outsourced Vendors – Ensure that staff and vendors are implementing and following workflows that satisfy company policies in order to avoid costly fines and penalties.

Let us help you navigate the complicated world of cybersecurity compliance! Contact Us to Learn More About Our Compliance Services