Security Services

Analysis, Maintenance, and Support

Security-Minded Approach

Pathfinders IT’s security-first approach is guided by the belief that while clients have the final say in decisions concerning their network, we work to guarantee they’re armed with the best information available regarding new and emerging threats.

Pathfinders IT’s focus is on connecting clients with security solutions that protect and defend their networks from ransomware, malware, and other threats. Pathfinders IT offers cybersecurity awareness training to help our clients evaluate their personnel, including ongoing phishing tests, user training on the latest trends in wire fraud and email tampering, etc.

Security Solutions

  • Advanced Threat Protection
  • Antivirus & EDR Products
  • Email Encryption & DLP
  • Firewall Security Services
    • Geolocation Blocking
    • Intrusion Prevention Systems
    • Webblocker & Filtering
  • Proactive User Account Audits
  • Two-Factor Authentication

Network Security Assessment

  • Review of External Firewall Rules
  • Evaluation of Windows & Application Updates
  • Audit of Privileged Administrator Accounts
  • Recommendations for Best Practices

Security Education

  • In-Person or Online Security Training
  • Cybersecurity Training \ Phishing Tests

Benefits of Security Services

Pathfinders IT helps connect our clients to trusted cybersecurity specialists who can provide services such as penetration tests, vulnerability scanning, and 24/7 SOC \ SIEM log monitoring, aggregation, and analysis.

In coordination with our partnerships, we can ensure that your business has access to the latest solutions, defenses, and support.

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